Why Is It Important To Invest And Grow Your Money? (Part 2)

Unless you are a millionaire who thinks that you have enough money to use until the day you leave this world, start learning how to do it as early as possible.

Job Security
There is no guarantee that you will be employed until you retire. If you think you are fine with your job and think if you can keep continue doing that, look around your workplace and see who the oldest co-workers are. If there are only a handful of them and they are just only around the age of early 40s. Where are the people who are older than them who use to do the same job as you?

Here’s what could happen to you:

The Golden Handshake

Remember companies only care about profitability, their goal is to keep revenue growing and reduce cost. If companies think that you are old, too expensive and slow in adapting the ever fast changing economy. You will be forced to leave. And trust me; the chances of getting hired by other companies are extremely low because they will wonder:

1. Why are you retrenched?
2. You are too expensive.
3. You might affect the working morale of the young workers by telling the whole world your pathetic retrenched experiences.

Tired & Lose Interest

Menopause starts kicking in, you are losing energy, and you are sick and tired of doing the same stuff for the past 20 years. You can take it no more. Time to throw the letter. You want an easy job. So you switch career and take up a job which offer much lower salary. Guess what, life gets worse, because you still have liability, you need to pay your bills, sponsor your children education, paying mortgage loan. You end up working even harder and pray every single day your pay will go up.

Start Your Own Business

Life is all good if you found a good business that makes you big buck. The reality is that most entrepreneur fail the first time. Some only succeed after trying a lot of times. Should you fail big time, you lose all your money. Worse still, you might even put yourself in bigger debt and go bankrupt.

Become An Investor

You decide to put your money into the stock market. This is the first time in your life you ever started investing because all your friends are doing it. You follow their so called tips. Guess what, bad news hit, stock market crash. You lose all your money. I have personally witness a lot of retirees who put all their hard earned saving into the stock market and got their fingers burnt very badly.


We all wish to retire as early as possible and not become a slave to our company. Investment is one good choice to achieve that. But, here’s the reality, education and knowledge is your best friends. Investment in stocks takes knowledge, interest, and experience. When you first started, I guarantee you will lose money. But the key learning here is start as early as possible; learn all the mistakes as early as possible. And grow your money the right way to secure your future!


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